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40K Terrain On the Way – OOOH PRETTY (new pic)!

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Jul 14 2014

Look what’s hot off the tubes.  Get your wallet ready for “Urban Warfare” 40K fans.

I would assume this is another tile from the new Realm of Battle set shown up top.  While these have an odd “mish-mash” quality to them in places I can understand the design problem here.  Think about the design challenge of any GW urban RoB tile set.

– It has to keep the visual style with the 40K grim dark-gothic feel.
– You have to be able to stick them together in a variety of ways and have the patterns look good.
– You have to be able to stick Cities of death terrain on them and have it fit and be level.
– The hardest part – you have to able to place minis on it and not have then fall over.
I think that explains the very thin relief these have.
Just for completeness sake – one of these tiles is shown in this video at 1:50:

And if you pause at 1:50 you get this:

~Over to you folks…  Do you think these tiles worked out, or needed more time in the design lab?

Author: Larry Vela
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