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40K: The Red Waaagh is Spotted, Sisters & More

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Jul 3 2014

Sisters come in from the cold and  Sanctus Reach / The Red Waaagh has been spotted. Here’s what is doing the rounds:

image via The Mexican Ork

Sanctus Reach
So we get:

Another “book set”: Sanctus Reach Volume 1 (so look for future volumes)
composed of:The Red Waaagh
Evil Sun Rising

Hmmm,  so the real question is, is that the fancy collector’s edition, or have GW just moved to a “boxed set” mentality whee they bundle actual gameplay stuff with Black Library novels.


Let’s ask this question another way…

If you could buy the three books from the 7th Edition separately, how many of you would bought the 2 non-rulebooks.  See where I’m going with this…

Digital Updates
In other news,

Codex Adepta Sororitas
Codex Inquisition

Both have been been updated to work with 7th Edition.  Nice to see Black Library staying on top of their digital products.

~What’s your take on these bundle sets?

Author: Larry Vela
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