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Dark Eldar Rumormill is Firing Up

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Jul 1 2014

The Dark Kin are starting to get some rumors doing the rounds.  Here’s the latest:

Older Rumors:

Codex Dark Eldar: Q4 2014, Near the very end of the year.

via Father Gabe 6-29-2014


Looked at update on next months releases. Dark Eldar are likely coming. Codex, limited edition codex, supplement, dataslates. Voidraven bomber @ $81.00 and new Incubi @ 29.75 which likely means plastic incubi. 

Supply system updated, whether that means next month or not, Im not sure. It would make sense, since Orks are bleeding over into July release. To help support that info, no changes in supply system for Bretonians.

via StraightSilver 6-30-2014

I am pretty sure Dark Eldar won’t be next month (August).

…I was under the impression they were going to be the pre-Christmas October release (to tie in with hallowe’en again).

I had heard the Void Raven was going to be their big release, literally as apparently it is a pretty big kit, so September/October sounds right as this is the start of the Retail Xmas period and would more than likely go on Xmas lists?

Rumor Synopsis
As with all rumors, this far out, you will want to look not at the individual details, but the corroborating info and general trendlines to get a better picture of what’s out there.

So looking at the contradictory (SURPRISE) info up there, it’s looking like a more than likely Q4 release, involving the Voidraven, and other surrounding models.

I would still place the rough schedule for the rest of this year at:



-Space Wolves/Blood Angels (pick one, or even both)

-Dark Eldar

With small release waves for Chaos Daemons (the major daemons), and one other “big release” mixed in.  The usual suspects for that one are either WFB 9th, 40K new starter set, or another Mystery Box (EPIC is most often described).

~So do you think anyone in the Dark Eldar codex will get the axe?

Author: Larry Vela
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