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EDITORIAL: In Praise of GW

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Jul 23 2014
We often are critical of GW, myself included, when we feel that it is justified. However, I don’t think that we take the opportunity to recognize the good things they do.

Hey everyone, Reecius here from Frontline Gaming to spread some good words about our favorite game manufacturer, good ‘Ole Gee Dubya!
It’s easy to only allow yourself to see the negative. I am guilty of it sometimes, too. We all have a great deal of emotional attachment to this hobby, our models, our friendships in the hobby, etc. It’s easy to let our emotions get the better of us at times. Plus, internet-land can be a bit negative by default, and when you immerse yourself in that negative feedback loop, it can keep you focused on the bad and blinded to the good.
Every now and then it’s good to take a step back and take account of what is good! Let’s look at the good:

Models did NOT go up in price this year. Yeah, GW chose not to increase prices this go around.
Bundles of models for sale that save you more than clicks! Yeah, that’s actual money saved on some of the bundle deals! And, when you order from us over at Frontline Gaming where we offer 20% off, you really see those savings stack up! (Hey, as a business owner, I have to plug our business where we can!)
7th edition shows a company that has listened to their customers. Is it perfect? No, but a LOT of little changes went in to make the game more balanced and clear some things up that were muddy. I see it as a significant improvement.
  • They’re not afraid to take risks. GW followed their instincts and gave us a bold new edition that offered their players the power to control their own game as well as bring ALL of their models into play: Super Heavies, Forge World, etc. That is pretty ballsy, and I respect the moxy that that decision took.
  • A modular expansion system. One of the problems any game faces that survives into maturity, is how to consistently grow? It’s not as easy as some may think, and GW’s new system of having Factions instead of a Codex system is just genius. It allows them expand their game and universe through different media and allows us to constantly add to our existing armies without having to wait for a new book. It also fixes the silly arguments over what is “official” or not. If it’s in your Faction, you can use it. Nice! Things like Formations, special characters in White Dwarf, or supplement books, etc. are super fun and keep us engaged.
  • Amazing models. This often gets forgotten as we are so used to GW leading the pack in model design that it gets taken for granted. Now, there are some other companies that make stunning models, no doubt, but in terms of breadth of offerings, consistent quality of design, beauty of the product, and intricacy of the kits, GW is peerless in the tabletop gaming world and they keep getting better.
  • Setting. Who can argue that the 40K universe is not one of the coolest SciFi settings for a minis game? It is just a huge, engaging, awesome universe for a game like this to exist in. While it may not be the most sophisticated SciFi universe; it isn’t trying to be. But it is fun, exciting and I have enjoyed exploring it for many, many years.
  • Industry leading and innovating. Even in the depths of nerd rage and GW bashing, remember, that this industry is what it is in no small part to GW. They have helped to create the market, drive the recruitment of new hobbyists, and innovate. GW bolsters the entire industry and their success helps to bring more business to other companies in the industry.
  • Community. This isn’t a direct result of GW’s efforts, but their product is what has brought us together and I have had a great number of fulfilling friendships, fun road trips all around the country, and some great memories as a result of this silly hobby of ours and for that, I am extremely grateful. It lead to us starting our gaming events that largely revolve around GW games, the Bay Area Open and the Las Vegas Open which have become really cool events that bring gamers from all over the world together and of which we are very proud.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Seriously, GW kicks ass in the customer service department. I have never had an issue with that that has not been satisfactorily resolved in a friendly, professional manner. 
While there are some things that still bug us all at times, I can honestly say that I have been more energized to play 40K than I have been in a very long time. I feel that the game has really hit a positive new stride with 7th ed, the new Faction system, and the game in general. The huge amount of freedom it allows does mean that players have to self-regulate the rules they are going to use in order to have a fun game, but, that is a small price to pay for the incredible amount of variety and freedom we now have.

What are you all thankful for?

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Reece Robbins
Author: Reece Robbins
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