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Outside The Box 07-04-14

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Jul 4 2014

Welcome to a new issue of Outside the Box, this time featuring the Resistance, Tank War, the Heavenly Host, Jovian Hammers, the Indian Raj and more – Enjoy!

The Indians are coming to Dystopian Wars in August:

And Firestorm Armada gets new releases, too:

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Guild Ball

Guild Ball presents a bunch of new render pictures and the first 3D prints:


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Here are the large pics of the new releases:

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Like every week, new preview pictures of Darklands miniatures:

Hawk Wargames

Hawk Wargames started to publish official previews of the Resistance, a new faction for Dropzone Commander:


New previews for the Shael Han faction for Wrath of Kings :

A new Panzer I version and some Bronze Age Highlanders have been released, but more important: Beyond the Gates of Antares is going into Alpha play-testing and the next books for Bolt Action have been announced:

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Fantasy Flight Games

Wave 4 of X-Wing ships is now available:

Dark Age Games
New artworks for the Heavenly Host:
And new releases:

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This week GCT Studios announced Kurouma Tenbatsu, a new multi-faction miniature, and Satsuki for the Ito Clan:

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This week we got a preview of the Scimitar Gear Strider:

 And the Jovian Chronicles range is back for a limited time:

Titan Forge presents two Daemon Callers:

The Jovian Hammers are the next project of Mad Robot Miniatures:

Zenit MiniaturesThe next wave of Kensei releases is available:

Here are the Chibi versions of Magnus the Red and Roboute Guilliman:


Highlander Studios present the soon to be released 15mm Bunch of Galactic A-Holes:

And Onslaught Miniatures published new previews of the 6mm OTC Kaiju Mega Rig:

I like the Jovian Hammers not-Ogryns the Guardians of the Galaxy tribute by Highlander Studios looks cool, too!

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