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Space Wolves: Rumor Roundup – The First Rumors Arrive

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Jul 6 2014
Warhammer 40K

Well that was fast…  We are not even 24 hours past the first Space Wolves murmurs and the rumors are flying…

This set is fresh off the rumor wires coming to us from a set of both known and unknown sources.

-Lords of War: Logan & Bjorn
-New big kit for SWs is a “Legendary Fenrisian Monster and handler(s)”
-All other SW releases will be plastic reworks of existing Finecast, or very old plastics.
Rumor Reliability: Medium-Low

I can tell you all  now that there is a lot of stuff out there right now.  More as we get it…

I hope the big kit is a “WereKraken”.  I’m dreaming of a giant hairy Kraken the Grey Hunters hurl out of a Stormraven onto the hapless hoe.  Abaddon will never expect that!

Author: Larry Vela
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