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The 10 Crappiest 40K Units Out There

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Jul 16 2014
Warhammer 40K

There’s a lot of amazing butt-kicking units out there in the Grimdark – these aren’t them.

Brent co-wrote this – blame him!

Marine Whirlwind – I think these guys lost a bet 3 editions back, cause they have sucked ever since.

Mandrakes – So good at hiding in the shadows, even the players never see them.

Necron Flayed Ones – Elites, overcosted, and no guns… There’s no reanimating from that.

Blood Angel Scouts – Like nipples for men – what’s the point?

Gorkanaut – No shirt, no shoes, no assault ramp – no service.

Morkanaut – See above but with an “M”.


Howling Banshees – When your only saving grace is jumping out of a Dark Eldar Raider – you have problems.

Warpsmith – All the tentacles in the Eye of Terror still couldn’t make this guy useful.

Vespids – Have they EVER been good? Perhaps it’s just time to “drop” the fine-cast master and call it a day.

Roughriders – Even Ratling laugh at these guys.  Also, those festive Atillan hats aren’t helping.


Who’d we miss?

Author: Larry Vela
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