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The Ten Bloodiest Butchers of the of Grimdark

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Jul 8 2014
Warhammer 40K

Even the good guys are pretty brutal in the Grimdark, but there are ten butchers who really stand out:

Kharn! – Come on, how could he not be on the list.  Heck, the Betrayer practically invented the list!

Urien Rakarth – the only guy in the galaxy Fabius can toss back a brandy with and talk shop… He loves knives so much he grew more arms to hold them.

Mad Doc Grotznik – Wots a little cuttin amongst da Boyz? If dey don’t want it it only makes it more fun!

The Swarmlord – Slicing and dicing the best of the galaxy since he crashed the party!

Drahzar Master of Blades – Ladies and gentlemen – I present the Eldar cuisinart!

Fabius Bile – Taking vivisections to 11 for 10,000 years – give it up to the Emperor’s Children’s Chief Apothecary!

Ragnar Blackmane – I’ve seen that guy get over 20 attacks and take down an entire Ork mob in a single assault phase! I wonder who dry-cleans his pelts?

Skulltaker – Hint, hint – just look at his coat…


Sly Marbo – He’ll run out of demo charges, but that bowie knife never runs dry…

Animal (Last Chancers) – Yup, just look it up – trust me…

Who’d we miss?

Author: Larry Vela
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