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The Ten Goodie-Two-Shoes of the Grimdark

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Jul 30 2014
Warhammer 40K

It’s not all gloom, doom, and evil out there.  These folks are the genuine good-guys out there!

1) Marneus Calgar – Noble, evenhanded, wise, and has the Gauntlets of Ultramar to back him up!

2) Aun’ Va – All bow down before Space POPE!!!  He’s almost the personification of the Greater Good.

3) Master Tu’Shan  – Humble and Noble in equal measure, the Salamander’s chapter master it a true champion of humanity.

4) Logan Grimnar – The Great Wolf may care for the citizens of the Imperium more than almost any other great leader of the Imperium.  Also, only good guys ride hover chariots – right?

5) Eldrad Ulthuan – The one Eldar who warned humanity about the threat of Chaos.  If only he’d chosen to warn someone other than Fulgrim… oops!

6) Commander Dante – 1000 years of defending the Imperium and he’s still going strong.  He’s the good guy who just won’t say die, even in the daily face of the Red Thirst.

7) Kaldor Draigo – Lets just say that if you were constantly tempted by the minions of Slaneesh and all that warp dust – you might not fare so well.  “Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril?”

8) Garran Crowe – The sword says such naughty things – and it never shuts up!

9) Nork Deddog “Blessed is the mind to small for doubt”
10) ???  It’s the Grimdark – We couldn’t come up with ten.  

Who would you add?


Author: Larry Vela
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