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Unboxing Malifaux: The Bayou Boss

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Jul 27 2014
The swarm’s coming…and it’s drunk. Take a closer look at Wyrd’s recent offering:

So! The gremlins re-enter the fray as a full on faction with their first mark 2 plastic crew box. Som’er originally was a metal box in mark 1, as well as a small offshoot of the Outcast faction. Let’s see what’s inside:

Lots of pieces. Lots and lots and lots. The crew spreads all over two sprues, so there’s a hefty amount of mini here for your cost. One sprue contains all the gremlins and a bonus figure, while the other one contains two of Som’er’s totem.

The big boss himself accounts for a decent number of those bits. His entire torso is a single piece, and then most of his appendages get cut off and split into pieces. Nice to see both a hip flask and a bottle for the leader of some drunken gremlins, but it’s a little sad to see that his hat is no bigger than some of the other gremlins in the box (part of the original fluff involved the whole “leader gets the biggest hat” trope). 

Lenny’s fairly standard, doesn’t really have any super tiny pieces. In fact, most of his pieces are fairly hefty: check out that pole/caber/pig whacking stick…fairly adorable little piggy for him to carry around as well, even if it looks a little disgruntled (well, wouldn’t you? Probably not fun to alternate between games of “pet the piggy” and “whack the piggy at a ten foot tall golem made of train parts…on FIRE”).

Oh for all that is holy…who let a serial axe murderer loose in the gremlin family picnic?! Arms, legs, heads, hats, FEET. There are pieces of gremlin scattered all over this sprue. Between the size of some of these gremlins and the fishing pole, it has some pretty small and/or thin pieces. Certainly got that Malifaux flavor though, my personal favorite’s the guy nonchalantly smoking on his pipe as he creeps around pinging stuff with his rifle.

Skeeters. We all knew this was coming, they’re insects so it was a foregone conclusion. Thin pieces. Legs, antenna, proboscis, wings. Also assembles into a fairly hefty bug compared to the base, so it might be wise to adjust the basing a bit. Maybe a clear plastic rod for some floating effects or something of that nature.

Bonus figure! Originally supposed to be a brick and mortar exclusive for offline shoppers back in April, Johanna (female alternate of the outcast/mercenary Johan) hit the same production difficulties that plagued the rest of that month, so she appears to have been wrapped up the Bayou Boss box. Nice figure overall, but that relic hammer looks a little tiny for a weapon that puts extra hurt onto Tyrants.
Overall, I really like the box (coming from someone who has gremlins as their least favorite faction no less). Got some great flavor, the gremlins strike poses from actually combative to messing around, striking home the chaotic unorganized nature of the crew. Fairly hefty amount of miniatures as well, counting Johanna it weighs in at 9 miniatures, outnumbering all the other boxes out right now. Just be sure to pack the tweezers!
Brought up by the horde of pieces, what’s the most pieces you’ve ever seen a single humanoid mini cut into?


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