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Wargames Gallery 7-4-14

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Jul 4 2014
Oh yeah – Happy 4th of July!!!
Caption contest – GO!

“No official records remain of the forgotten 2nd Legion, but in dusty tomes in forgotten libraries there are still written fragments of the history of the Ultra Super Astartes. The U.S.A legion were created using human stock descended from a great old world power on terra. This power had time and again fought for the attainment and preservation of their liberty in the old world. This land of the free sired many brave warriors, and great leaders, thus the Emperor charged this legion to be the example for their brother legions. They were to be unwavering in their duties, of the utmost honor and to carry on the principles their ancestors had fought and died for. The legion’s maximum capacity was limited to 1776 Astartes a number that was of some significance to their unknown native land. Though small in comparison to the other legions they were a terrible force on the field of battle, bringing down righteous fury upon their foe in lockstep with their primarch Washingtonius. 

For their power and dedication the Ruinous Powers saw fit to cast the 2nd Legion into the warp before the onset of Horus’s betrayal could be discovered and stifled. As to why these records were deleted from imperial record can only be speculated upon. Now with the passing of 10,000 years the warp opens and from within comes a ship of shimmering red, white, and blue. Those on board have no idea of what has become of the Emperor and the empire they were charged with protecting and guiding. Will Washingtonius and his legion stand with the Imperium and what it has become, or stand alone in a galaxy much changed from the one they remember?”
Army and U.S.A. submitted by Jarrod (Thanks!)

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Author: Larry Vela
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