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40K DEEP THOUGHT: Do the Recent Codices Seem a Bit BLAND?

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Aug 21 2014

From Astra Militarum, Tyranids, Space Wolves and now Grey Knights.  What’s going on with the recent codex design?

There isn’t anything “wrong” with the recent codices GW has put out.  The units are in there, along with the expected Warlord traits, relics, and all the rules.  Still, it’s hard to say that there is a lot “right” in there either.  It’s hard to put your finger on it exactly but the combination of removing units with no miniatures, and “steady as she goes” rules with the new-syle “all-pictures all the time” codex layout at the expense of artwork has put a bit of a wet blanket over some of the recent releases.  Worse still is the precedent we’ve seen with Grey Knights of a codex with zero new units – almost a guaranteed recipe for disappointment for existing players.  What’s going on?

Here are some thoughts from Lounge members:


“Despite the blandness and uninteresting codex that this is, I think I’m all raged out. Since I play Tyranids who got shot in the foot, and Guard who got washed out, I seem to sense a pattern of these new codexs.

Before with the Tau and Eldar, I remember the release of the WraithKnight that was pushed as something so much bigger then the riptide! They were going for each new release to be bigger and bolder then the last. I think someone realized that’s not a good system to base this game on as the person with the oldest codex would be shat upon.

Balancing all the codexes was something that needed to be done. They got rid of the Taudar battle brothers as a fix for that and all the new releases seem to be stripped down to the basics.

It seems that we’re suppose to find the fun and creativity in the different detachments and formations, not a particular unit.

I don’t know if this is going to work long term or if 8th will bring back in crazy weirdness, I have no idea. It doesn’t look good right now as most people are getting depressed about all their toys being taken away.”

and Silashand:


“I have not liked any of the 7th edition books really. Most of them are just bland. GW seems to want people to pay more money for supplemental codices and dataslates to get them some semblance of variety, but at twice the cost just to get what should have been in the base codex anyway? Color me unimpressed.

Besides, am I the only one who hates their new codex layout? No more convenient army list in the back of the book is stupid IMO. Now I have to flip through multiple pages while trying to build an army and figure out what goes where. Maybe some folks like it, but I think it’s absolutely horrible. Now just more wasted space to show mediocre photos of their miniatures. Frankly I preferred the artwork from previous editions.”

What is your take on the recent codices, and what would you do to pump up the energy level in 40K releases?

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