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40K RUMORS: Promethium Pipelines

Aug 4 2014

It was only a matter of time until Promethium Pipeline rumors came out of the woodwork:

Here’s what the birds in the trees tell us:

First off, for those of you that remember, the resin Void Shield Generator article had a shot of some pipelines months back that got everyone excited:

But sources are saying that those were early studio mockups, used for photos and not actual production pieces.

The actual plastic kit is described as follows:

Promethium Pipeline Kit
Plastic Kit completed and “on ice”

Targeted for a holiday release

Just over a foot of pipeline, made up of:
– 2 long sections
– 2 short sections
– 2 elbows
– 5 pipeline stands/section connectors
– pipelines are Space Marine height
– long sections are wider in the center than the ends
– elbow sections can be assembled as either horizontal pipeline corners, or vertically, dissapearing into the ground.

~ Get those flamers ready everybody!


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