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40K: Space Wolves Weekly Roundup 8-3-2014

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Aug 3 2014

What a wild week of Space Wolves it’s been.  Take a look back at this week before we forge into the new week!

Here is what happened this past week in the world of the Wolves release.

Though some may see them as little more than savages, the Sons of Russ are a proud brotherhood, as noble as they are fierce. Their loyalty to the Imperium has been proven beyond a doubt for they are amongst Humanity’s greatest defenders. Where they prowl, the enemies of the Allfather cower in fear, for the Space Wolves are mighty warriors, ever hungry to earn glory in battle and a place in the sagas of Fenris.
This 104 page hardback Codex is the definitive guide to the Space Wolves. It presents the history of the Chapter and the sagas of the legendary heroes who lead it into battle. It is also packed with full-colour pictures and full descriptions of each unit, the rules for that units use and an army list. This Codex enables you to organise your collection of Citadel miniatures into an army worthy of the Allfather himself.

Wolfguard Edition $250
Long Fang Edition $125

Bjorn/Venerable Dreadnought/Murderfang $54


Interred in a custom-built Dreadnought, Bjorn is a legendary figure amongst the Space Wolves, for he fought in the Horus Heresy amongst the retinue of Leman Russ himself. Bjorn the Fell-Handed is the oldest warrior in the Imperium, serving first as a warrior, then as Wolf Lord, and finally a Dreadnought, to this day he is the spiritual and moral compass for the entire Chapter.
This multi-part plastic kit makes one Bjorn the Fell-Handed armed with a customised lighting claw known as Trueclaw and an assault cannon. It also comes with a selection of weaponry, including a Helfrost cannon.
This kit can also be assembled as a Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought or Murderfang.

Datacards: Space Wolves contains the seven Tempestas Discipline psychic powers cards and a deck of Tactical Objectives cards. This deck of 36 cards replaces the first six cards of the standard deck with the six Space Wolves exclusive objectives from Codex: Space Wolves.

And the weekly bundles:

This collection includes: 7 Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnoughts (which can also be assembled as Bjorn the Fell-Handed or Murderfang) and 7 Drop-pods.

This collection includes: 1 Bjorn the Fell-Handed, 1 Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought and 1 Murderfang.

Logan Grimnar



So I think we can officially call it.  The Squats weren’t eaten by the Tyranids. They were enslaved on Fenris as equipment makers for the Space Wolves.

Codex Space Wolves

Then we get a bunch of images from the codex preview on Itunes via Black Library:

Via waaaghgaming:

Great Company Formation


Dreadnought w/ Helfrost Cannon

Look sharp – something interesting is said to be in this picture!


How to paint a Stormfang Gunship

GW MovieStar Duncan Rhodes shows the right proper GW way to paint up that new Space Wolves Stormfang Gunship!  A 3 part video.

Author: Alec Peters
  • Forgeworld: Gal Vorbak Available