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BREAKING: Nagash, Arkhan, & Neferata Spotted!

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Aug 19 2014

Games Workshop pulls out the stops on perhaps the best miniatures of the year! – HOLY MOLY!!!

pics vis La Taberna de Laurana

 Spirit Hosts

  Archai? – creepy undead-daemonic constructs

So it looks like a triple-combo kit to make either Arkhan, Neferata, Mannfred.  This is just absolutely amazing use of what the plastic medium can do.  The etherial quality of the spirit hosts and the glowing skull interiors of those riding beasts is really top of the industry work!  BRAVO GW digital designers!

Nagash hits in this week’s White Dwarf #30, and the others show up in White Dwarf #31

Full Nagash Thread
Way more pics and info – GO!

~OK then – so who’s excited about Warhammer Fantasy now?!


Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K Round Up 8-17-2014