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First Look Review – Space Wolves Codex

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Aug 12 2014


Depending on who you ask, this book was either a long time coming or way too soon.  time to take a look:

It seems to me that people who complain about the latter may be scared of a repeat of ye old Jaws of the World Wolf from days past, or worried about psychic negation bubbles.

Well as it turns out both of those things are back, sort of, along with the rest of the merry men of Fenris, and they brought some new toys along too like rocket sleds and Stormfangs.


The new book clocks in at 104 pages, and is laid out in the new “7th Edition” format of just one page for all unit information and fluff. It is accompanied by a HUGE picture of the model to perhaps inspire us all to new heights of hobbying (or perhaps just to pop in as much free advertising as they can, where they can) as well.


Once again for a new release book there is a ton of new artwork in there which is always nice to see, and all of the special rules, wargears, warlord traits etc are sectioned off at the back of the book now (similar to Orks). Returning again are a Lord of War (Logan Grimnar) selection as well as several formations to use when fielding the Sons of Russ.


 Overall it seems like a pretty solid book, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing all about it soon enough.

Author: Robert B
  • First Look- White Dwarf #28 Logan Grimnar