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First Look Unboxing – Logan Grimnar

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Aug 19

Okay I’ll admit the overall idea for this kit may be kinda silly, BUT the sculpts they used for this kit are pretty dope.
Logan Grimnar himself is a great looking multi part kit, but I’m not sure that alone is worth the $50+ price tag.

The armored frescoes on the side of the Stormrider are very well done, and help with the epic feel of this larger than life character. The chariot’s styling itself feels like more than a small landspeeder than something designed to be pulled by animals for the most part, from the grav plates mounted on its underside, to the stabilizer fins that resemble wings. His pack wolves are very dynamically posed (although they appear from some angles to be going in different directions), and the few textured terrain bits for the base help to add to the sense of motion that the model conveys.

Once assembled the whole model mounts on to a normal 120mm oval sized base that I think made its debut with the Dreadknight for single models, not the new knight titan sized ones. Overall the Chariot concept seems neat ruleswise I think, and who knows we may just see more of them in the near future with the accelerated release schedule.

“There are no wolves on Fenris” – but there ARE rocket-sleds…

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