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Grey Knights – RULES TIDAL WAVE!

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Aug 19 2014
Warhammer 40K

Some folks out there have the codex in hand.  Here’s is what folks are saying:

via Brovius on B&C:

~Psycannons became Salvo 2/4 as expected. Heavy Psycannon has a dual profile, area saturation is the same (Heavy 1, large blast) but has a Salvo 3/6 option too.
~Purifiers inflict Soulblaze on all melee attacks, Incinerators have Soulblaze as well.
~Librarians are cheeeeeeeeeaaaap. We’re talking ML3 (still in TDA) for the price of a current Psyriflemen dread (unfortunately Psybolts really are gone now)
~Brother-Captains are ML1, can be upgraded to a GM (+1A and ML2) for the same price as the GM’s current ML-upgrade. Still under the 200pt mark.
~Nemesis Force Weapons have a few reworks. No more +1 invuln in melee for swords, halberds are +1S instead of +2I and the warding stave is +2S, AP4 and grants Adamantium Will.
~Paladin Apothecary is the same price as the current Apothecary upgrade (a solid 55pts less) and becomes a character. As reported, NFWs now cost points to upgrade, the previously spoiled figures are correct.
~The Titansword is +3S and AP2, all NFW have Daemonbane (successful Force activation grants rerolls to wound and armour pen against Daemons.
~NDK is a Monstrous Creature (character), same base cost, and all it’s options got cheaper. PT is 45 points less than before, and the melee upgrades are dirt-cheap. With how awesome Psylencers are now, you’ll be glad to know the Gatling Psylencer dropped 5pts.

~The Soul Glaive is a halberd that lets you reroll failed Force tests, and while Force is in effect, the weilder rerolls to hit, wound and armour pen rolls. Costs as much as a GK Strike.
~The Bone Shard of Solor gives the weilder a 3++ while within 12″ of a Daemon, increasing to a 2++ for Daemons of Khorne within the same distance. Half a GK Strike in points
~Domina Liber Daemonica grants 1 extra psychic power but has to be rolled on the Sanctic chart. The bearer and all friendly GK units within 6″ reroll 1s on psychic tests from Sanctic. Costs as much as a GKT Psycannon
~Cuirass of Sacrifice is TDA with FnP and IWND, costs 5 points less than a GK Strike
~The Nemesis Banner is a 12″ Fearless bubble for GKs, GKs in the squad get +1A and Daemons treat the fearless bubble as dangerous terrain, but is pretty pricey and only available for Paladins (as is the Brotherhood banner).
~The Fury of Deimos is an Assault 3, 36″ master-crafted Storm Bolter with Precision Shot. Not too bad, same points cost as the Bone Shard.

Sanctic is repeated in the book (so no new powers), squads have the same psychic powers as they do in the FAQ, except that Purifiers have Banishment, Hammerhand AND Cleansign Flame. BCs, GMs and Librarians have the same power access as before. Draigo has Gate of Infinity!
No new characters or units as predicted/previously rumoured.

Still no Psycannon upgrades for vehicles.

There’s a biiiig formation though (fittingly called a GK Brotherhood) with a pretty awesome benefit. If you take…

1 Grand Master
1 Brother Captain
3 Strike squads
3 Terminator squads
2 Interceptor squads
2 Purgation squads
1 Dreadnought

…you get Rites of Teleportation (as per the other formation) and Psychic Brotherhood (While the GM is alive, all models in the formation harness Warp Charges on a 3+).


The Aegis is as per the FAQ, all GKs have Purity of Spirit (Which is just the rule that means GKs only Perils by rolling two or more 6’s when using Sanctic powers unless otherwise stated (I think this means they’d still Perils if they failed to cast Vortex of Doom).
TGS is the warlord chart, basically.

Warlord Traits:
1) Daemon-slayer- Warlord gains Hatred: Daemons and when casting Banishment, harnesses Warp Charges on a 2+
2) Hammer of Riteousness- Warlord and unit have Hammer of Wrath
3) Unyielding Anvil- Warlord and GKs within 12″ have Stubborn
4) First to the Fray- A nod to poor Mordrak, Warlord and unit automatically arrive first turn when Deep Striking and can reroll the scatter
5) Perfect Timing- Warlord and unit gain Counterattack
6) Lore Master- Warlord knows one more psychic power than normal, must be generated from Sanctic

Tac Objectives 
…are pretty cool and mostly fluffy, as follows: (they replace results 11-16 on the chart)

11) Destroy the Daemon- 1 VP for killing at least one unit of Daemons. d3 VPs for killing at least 3, and d3+3 if you somehow manage to kill 6 or more! Not limited by turn, going by the wording.
12) Psychic Communion- 1 VP if you’ve successfully manifested 3 powers this turn. d3 if you manage to rattle off 6 powers.
13) No Witnesses!- 1 VP at the end of your turn if every enemy IC has been removed as a casualty.
14) Deeds of Legend- 1 VP if a GK killed an opponent in a challenge this turn. d4 if it was an IC or MC.
15) Teleport Attack – 1 VP if you killed a unit with a GK unit that deepstriked, shunted or was teleported by Gate of Infinity this turn
16) Rites of Exorcism- When generated, opponent chooses one objective marker. 1 VP if you control the named marker at the  end of your turn, or d3 VPs if you control it at the end of the turn this card was generated.

So, thoughts?


Author: Larry Vela
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