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Grey Knights – The Plot Thickens

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Aug 10 2014
Warhammer 40K

We’ve been working the phones and have a batter handle on what’s going on with that Grey Knight force in the Space Wolves codex.  Here’s the skinny:

First of all, catch up on initial issue here.  OK, here’s the latest we’ve been told:

Long story short, the summary included in the Space Wolves codex is a MISTAKE and is NOT WHAT THE GREY KNIGHT CODEX WILL INCLUDE.  It appears to be a terrible cut and paste error from a very early version of the upcoming book and not in any way indicative of that you should look for in the future from the Grey Knights.  In short it was a compete mistake.

On a related note, this entire event is part of a larger issue that included a large amount of typos throughout the Space Wolves codex.  I would not be surprised to see an updated digital version / FAQ getting cleaned up in short order.  Even by GW standards, there has been a big failure on the proofreading side of things with this release.

The initial issue is summarized below:

images via: Descansa del Escriba

So it looks like someone accidentally dropped in some version of a Grey Knights codex into the Space Wolves interactive digital codex for some reason.  Here is a rundown of what’s in there:

~That’s one heck of an error there. One can’t shake the idea that GW is cranking out content so fast these days that some corners are being cut, and we just saw a big one. 

Author: Larry Vela
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