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Necrons – Codex Whispers

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Aug 17 2014
Warhammer 40K

New talk is doing the rounds on the Necrons coming in the months ahead, on the heels of Grey Knights.

Codexwise:  the Necron codex is described as being a minimal updated codex, similar to Grey Knights, crammed into a very short release window.

Models: Unlike Grey Knights there is talk of a new combo-plastic kit for Destroyers which will include the parts for Heavy Destroyers and Necron Destroyer Lords.  There is mixed chatter on whether the clear green rod will be replaced with standard plastic.

Timing: Look for these to be coming in Fall.

~ It would certainly seem like GW is in a REAL hurry to replace every softcover 40K codex, even if it means putting out ones that are a bit short in the new-model department.  They must have a reason…

Author: Larry Vela
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