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Outside the Box 08-08-14

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Aug 8 2014

I was a fool for thinking last week was awesome – this issue will top that easily! Plenty of amazing previews for Dark Age, Malifaux, Planetfall plus new releases for Infinity, Kensei, Bolt Action and much more – Enjoy!

These are just some of the GenCon releases for Dark Age:

-> More Dark Age Games News

A new wave of Infinity miniatures is available:

-> More Infinity News

A teaser picture of the GenCon releases has been appeared:
And we got a first look at the multi-pose miniatures:

Hawk Wargames 

Golem Painting Studio published pictures of painted Resistance miniatures:

-> More Hawk Wargames New

These pictures of new 10mm Planetfall units have been published by Wayland Games:

-> More Spartan Games News

SAGA:The Crescent & The Cross is released today:

 -> More Gripping Beast News

A lot of new collector’s edition D&D miniatures are coming:

 -> More Gale Force Nine News

Bolt Action gets a new starter set and a preliminary army list for the Chinese:

 Additionally, WW1 vehicles are coming:

 -> More Warlord Games News

The Harpies and Gargoyles have been released:

 –-> More Puppetswar News

New sets for All Quiet on the Martian Front are available:

-> More Alien Dungeon News

This week we got a picture of Satsuki for the Ito clan:


The Gear Krieg range is available again for a limited time:

The new wave of Kensei miniatures contains several new celestial creatures:

-> More Zenit Miniatures News

Abe Lincoln gets a Legendary version:
The Goliath Heavy Mech for Afterlife is now available:

More Orc buildings have been released:

New bits for the Highland Guard and Heavy Weapon Crews are available:

 -> More Victoria Miniatures News

The modular plastic Underground project will be on Kickstarter soon:

 -> More ManorHouse Workshop News


The plastic Foot Knights are available for pre-orders and the WW2 North Africa range is growing fast:

 -> More Perry Miniatures News

And after a long break finally new pictures of the 6mm Age of Tyrant system from Urban Mammoth:

I love the weeks before GenCon – so much excitement!

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