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Outside the Box 08-29-14

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Aug 29 2014

Hello and welcome to the newest edition of Outside the Box! This time we have new releases for Infinity, more Planetfall previews, Marauders of the Apocalypse, a twisted Artful Dodger and much more – Enjoy!

Something big is coming: The Maghariba Guard

And of course the next wave of new releases:

-> More Infinity News

More Planetfall previews including the Leviathans for Terran Alliance and Dindrenzi Federation:

-> More Spartan Games News

The Marauders of the Apocalypse are available:

A slow week at Warlord Gameswith “just” three new releases:

-> More Warlord Games News


No less than 21 new miniatures have been released by DarkSword Miniatures this week!

Who you gonna call? Paranormal Exterminators!


New miniatures for Relic Knights have been released:

-> More Soda Pop Miniatures News


The next Darklands releases are out:

-> More Mierce Miniatures News

Onslaught Miniatures

Onslaught Miniatures presented the prototypes of their next releases:

But even more exciting: The announced a trial run of their Hellborn infantry in 15mm!

This week we saw new renders for the Morticians and Engineers:

-> More Guildball News

The third Townhouse is available from Tabletop World:

Here we have the the finished sculpt for the Twisted Artful Dodger:

-> More Demented Games News

Shuichi, Michi Priest, for the Prefecture of Ryu has been announced:

These are the September releases for Wild West Exodus:

-> More Outlaw Miniatures News

More troops for Rome!

This cool new generic, multi-genre system of modular terrain has been released by Sally 4th:


–> More Sally 4th News

Planetfall looks better and better with every new picture!

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