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The 10 GW Kits that Need to go Plastic!

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Aug 20 2014
Warhammer 40K

Games Workshop makes some of the best miniatures in the industry – if only these were plastic…

Sororitas Penitent Engines – Such a cool bizarre kit, and heck half of it is just Sentinel bits anyway!

Catachans – yes I know about the Ratlings, but the Catachans are so bad, they need to go plastic AGAIN!

Thunderfire Cannon w/Techmarines – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t make be build another one of these in metal…

Morathi – for the love of all that unholy, rid us of this hideous Witch temptress!

Bretonnian Pegasus – State of the art – for 1995!

Bloodthirster – The next time one of those wings fall off, I’m “Skarbranding” it right through my window!

Karandras – With a head like a Mardi-Gras costume and that 2nd Ed. pose.  Help a Phoenix-Lord out.  All the Dark Eldar minis are laughing!

Goblin Doom Diver – The Gobbos are cunnin, surely they should have made some improvements to this mini in the past decade…

VC Blood Knights – If these were plastic, you couldn’t use them as home defense weapons.  Who am I kidding, like you could afford a house if you owned a unit of these!


Cypher – Come on – if Nagash got the fancy treatment how about the most mysterious man in the Grimdark?

Who’d we miss?

Author: Larry Vela
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