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This Week in 40K Podcasting – 08/01/2014 – 08/07/2014

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Aug 10 2014
Welcome to another installment of “This Week in 40K Podcasting,” Here is this week’s top 5!

The Independent Characters – Episode 106

Highlights:  This week Carl and Justin dove into several interesting topics!  They kicked off the show with ‘The Workbench’ were they discussed what they have been up to lately in the hobby and gaming.  The main topic of the show was a discussion about switching armies with your buddies to get the feel for what it is like to be in their shoes.  They discussed the benefits of playing a different army, such as trying something before you buy it, knowing thy enemy and how they operate, and maybe you find you really like a different army and didn’t know it, and much more.  Next, Carl talked to his wife about her getting into the game of 40K, the Eldar army she plays, and what attracted her to the army.  Then, it was on the ‘The Warrior’s Lodge’ where Carl was joined by Jason, Aaron, and Bryce to discuss all sorts of hot button topics in 40K.  They started off by talking about addition of the Psychic Phase onto the game.  They also hit on the new Maelstrom of War missions and how this has added a new twist to the game, Objective Secured and what that has done to the game, White Dwarf exclusive material, and much more.  They closed out the show with some final announcements. 

Opinion:  Overall, an outstanding show as usual!  This one hit on so many different topics and parts of the game it was easy to stay entertained throughout the show.  My favorite segment was the Warriors Lodge and how the guys feel about the changes that came with 7thEdition.  Great show, keep them coming guys!

The Overlords – Episode 157 ***Explicit***


Highlights:  This week the guys are back after a disaster for their last show which resulted in a total loss of the show.  This week the guys were joined by Greg from the ‘Imperial Truth’ podcast.  They opened up the show with the News where they discussed the new Space Wolf releases, including the new Flyers, new Dreadnaughts, the Space Sled, Ice Lasers and much more!  They also covered Warhammer-fest which appears to be the replacement to Games Day, and the release schedule and the campaign boxes like Storm Reach.  They moved on to more local news and what they have been doing lately in the hobby and gaming.  This included a bit of an introduction to Greg’s podcast ‘After Ullanor’!  Next, the guys moved on to their main segment where they discussed playing in the 31st millennium!  The guys have been playing some 30K lately and they discussed some of the changes they had to get use to, including weapons being a bit different, warlord traits being different, and much more.  They also discussed how to get into the game through the Forgeworld books and of course the great models available from them.  They then discussed some of their games, including the lists that they ran, Greg’s Mechanicum Army, and all of the details of the games.  This was loaded with rich detail I cannot do justice to.  They closed out the show with their final thoughts on playing 30K games! 

Opinion:  We are very happy to see that they guys were back after some catastrophic computer issue.  So the fact that we have a show at all this week is a miracle and a credit to the guys!  30K is something that is interesting me more and more, and to hear how the guys learned to play it was really fascinating.  Glad to have you back guys!

40K Radio – Episode 77 ***Explicit*** 

Highlights:  This week Romeo and Rik kicked off the show by discussing the recent odd things coming out of GW lately from the Space Sleigh of the Space Wolves to the letter released by GW CEO Tom Kirby, which they covered later in detail.  They moved on to what they have been doing lately in gaming and the hobby.  Next, the guys went more into depth on the new releases this month from Forgeworld, Space Wolves, GW bundles that don’t save you money and much more.  Then, Romeo went on one of his classic ‘Romeo Rants’ this time about GW and how bad of a month that they had.  This included the new Realm of Battle boards, the really bizarre Space Wolves releases like the Space Sleigh and Bjorn.  They then discussed how they believe that GW has out priced the new young players yet that is their target audience.  Next, in the ‘Crosshairs’ Romeo took his shots at GW CEO Tom Kirby.   He read the letter he recently released to shareholders in response to GW’s finial reports, and commentated and translated this to real world words, which happen to be hysterical!  They also gave some very helpful suggestions on how to help GW succeed.  They closed out the show this week with a brief ‘30K’ segment; Rik discussed the different dedicated transport available to the Legions, and all of the different upgrades. 

Opinion:  Ok, so normally Romeo and his anti-GW rants are usually a HUGE turn off for me.  However, over the last year I really have started to scratch my head at what good old GW is doing with this game we love and cherish.  I have to agree with quite a bit of what Romeo had to say, and found his commentary quite thought provoking.  Very interesting material, thanks guys!

Masters of the Forge – Episode 9


Highlights:  This week the guys are a man down but they soldiered on to discuss ‘The Wolf Brothers’, the only successor chapter to the Space Wolves!  They opened up the show with what they have been doing lately in gaming and the hobby.  They included talk about the news and the release of new Space Wolves models and the Codex, including Murderfang, the Space Sled, Apocalypse games, and more.  Next, it was on to Campaign Talk, where they discussed the series of campaign games they have played lately and the story behind these battles.  They discussed some of the cool campaign rules they came up with, including some special Relics and their effects on the game.  Next, the guys dove into the back-story and history of the ‘Wolf Brothers’, and why there aren’t any successor chapters to the Space Wolves.  This included the plan Russ had to have several successor chapters, starting with the Wolf Brothers, the genetic mutations of the Space Wolves and the Wolf Brother’s attempts to correct them.  They then continued on with the story from ‘The Battle of the Fang’ where Magnus the Red launch a full out assault on Fenris.  Next, in ‘On Your Tabletop’ the bots discussed ways in which you can bring the Wolf Brother to the table with some cool rules, including taking Fenrisian wolves as troops, a new Force Org, new Sagas and Oaths and more.  The boys closed out the show but discussing the Stormclaw box set and how it can be used for a Wolf Brothers force. 

Opinion:  It seems to me that each time I tune into the Masters of the Forge I learn something new.  I had never even heard of the Wolf Brothers before so this entire back story I found extraordinary!  I hung on every word of who they were, how they came to be, and what in the end what happened to them.  A very good podcast I really enjoyed listening to guy.  Phenomenal work guys! 

Highlights:  This week the guys are back at with some serious list building ideas!  They kicked off the show with some updates on the FTN Summer Seasonal.  Next, Paul wanted to talk about his new list which used all of the rules including Multi-CAD, allies and more.  This started off with Space Marines and added Legion of the Damned, Inquisition, and Imperial Guard for some really broke-tastic super fun times!  It is two thousand points of just plain mean.  The boys moved on to discuss the challenges they have had building lists to fifteen hundred points and how limiting it is.  They each run through the lists they have been playing with to try to perfect at the 1500 point level. 

Opinion:  This was an interesting little podcast which focused mostly on some free form list discussion.  I happen to like hearing the thought processes the guys went through to arrive at the lists they chose to run.  Definitely worth checking out! 

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So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, [email protected] and let me know about it.  Also you can find me on My YouTube Channel for Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews, X-Wing and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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