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We’re Surrounded! The Space Wolves Latest

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Aug 7 2014
Warhammer 40K
The Space Wolfs are only 1 day away, lets kick off today with their Great Company formation and  an interesting fact…

translated by Deadshot

Great Company Formation

Note these Rules apply to this formation ONLY!


– 1 Wolf Lord
– 1 Wolf Guard Battle Leader
– 1 Unit of Wolf Guard
– 1 Unit of Wolf Scouts
– 2 Units of Long Fangs
– 3 Units chosen from; Blood Claws, Skyclaws, Swiftclaws, in any combination.
– 5 Units of Grey Hunters. One unit must have the Wolf Standard.

Formation Special Rules

Cunning of the Wolf
During deployment, roll a D6 for each unit in the formation and add +2 if they are troops or have an IC from the Formation attached to the unit. On a roll of 6+, the unit gains the Outflank rule. Additionally, at the start of any turn except the first, you may choose which units to keep in deployment instead of rolling. These units enter ongoing reserves and come in automatically next turn.

Howl of the Wolf
The Wolf Lord and his unit from this Formation have the Furious Charge and Fleet special rule.

Jarl of Russ
The Warlord may reroll his Saga if chosen from this Formation.

Non-Dedicated Transports?
Sharp eyed readers have noticed that the Space Wolves Drop Pods and Razorbacks are listed as Fast Attack choices! We’ll find out tomorrow which units also get them as dedicated transports, but this new option means you can see all kinds if interesting transport combos that Space Marines could never dream of…  
~Tricksy Wolves!  What sneaky lists and combos are you brainstorming?

Author: Larry Vela
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