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WFB: The End Times Have Just Begun!

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Aug 21 2014

Nagash was only the beginning of the bad news for the Warhammer Old World.  Here’s the latest:

via Steve the Warboss 8-21-2014

“The Nagash Book is the first of the “Endtime” Expansions Series for Warhammer Fantasy.

In October the next Endtimes Book will come. Featuring the Chaos.”

So the talk over the last  6 months has been of Warhammer Fantasy getting a gigantic background shakeup leading into next year’s 9th Edition.  The return of Nagash is enough of a titanic event, and with a Chaos End Times campaign coming up, we will all get to see just how much GW is willing to shatter the Old World before the new edition hits.

I wonder what other uber-power “lost” individuals will be returning to fight for the Old World?

~If you had to utterly devastate a handful of Warhammer nations – who’s on your chopping block?

Author: Larry Vela
  • After Nagash come the REAL EVIL!

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