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40K Deep Thought – Mini Appearances Matter

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Sep 21 2014

We all say we want new toys, but sometimes we need to get rid of the old ones…

Everyone loves new units, but let’s be honest,  there are lots of units out there with old obsolete models (looking at you Warp Spiders).

I was AWESOME 20 years ago!

And they need to go.  Sometimes we get replacement kits that are shiny and cool (like Nagash).  When the all-new kits come out, sometimes we get winners like the Imperial Knight.  Sometimes we get the Logan Santa-sled.

Clearly the Master of the Forge lost a bet…

But my question really goes deeper than just what types of now models do you want.  The real issue ties into how much the visual appeal of wargaming matters to you.

Everyone loves me!!

Some people want new units to expand the experience and depth of the game and really couldn’t care less about the models appearance.  On the other hand some people HATE playing with bad looking models, and will avoid using older models altogether even if they have good rules, or go so far as to not buy models they think are unattractive.

I’ve even known some gamers who shop primarily by appearance, and take to the field with a huge pride in a beautiful army win or lose.

So which is more important:

Replace the ugly models or make all new unseen ones?

For me, I want to see the ancient monopose models that are over 10 years old replaced first, then work on new units.

How about you?  


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