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40K SHOWCASE: Eldar Wave Serpent Type II

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Sep 10 2014

This is a showcase of a Wave Serpent with Type II upgrade parts from Forge World, painted in the colours of craftworld Iybraesil.

Hey guys, Stahly here from Tale of Painters. Today we have some pictures of my recently finished Wave Serpent, including type II upgrade parts from Forgeworld. I really like the look of the type II upgrade parts, they give the venerable falcon chassis a more modern feel that better fits the more recent Eldar vehicle models, like the Fire Prism or Forge World’s Hornet or Lynx. I didn’t use the side skirts that came with the upgrade kit though, but added the vectored engine parts from the Fire Prism kit instead.

I added some of my custom made decals to the model, like the runic stripe patterns or the Wraithguard rune on the door at the back. The rune shall indicate that this Wave Serpent is the dedicated transport of my Wraithguard squad.

By the way, the people who complain that 10 marines can’t fit into a Rhino should take a look at Eldar grav tanks. The compartment area is so small that hardly two Eldar models  physically fit inside, let alone 12 or a squad of Wraithguard. Maybe Eldar tanks are equipped with small webway portals and Wraithguard take a header when the door opens? 😉

Painting was rather straight forward, as I already gathered practice with painting Eldar tanks while painting the Hornet and War Walker. However, opposing to the Hornet, I had some problems with the paint sticking to the resin upgrade parts. While I was painting, I managed to flake away two thumbnail sized chunks of paint. I had to repair these areas and replicate the airbrushed gradient by brush, thankfully it’s not too noticable in the final paint job. Next time I need to clean the resin parts more thoroughly and take care which primer to use.

What do you think about the paint job? Do you like the look of the type II upgrade parts as much as me?

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Author: Stahly
  • Wargames Gallery 8-8-14