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Tutorial: How to Paint Death Company

Stahly 6 Minute Read August 27

In this extensive step-by-step tutorial I’m gonna explain how I’ve painted the Death Company Blood Angel above – including useful techniques for painting black armour, red armour, gems, eyes, flesh and blonde hair.

40k SHOWCASE: Female Eldar Farseer

Stahly 3 Minute Read January 6

Check out this neat conversion of a female Eldar Farseer, painted by Stahly. Hey guys, Stahly here from Tale of Painters. Today I present you my converted female Eldar Farseer, painted in the livery of craftworld Iybraesil. The rune on the back of the cloak is based on one of the transfers of the new eldar decal […]

40K SHOWCASE: Eldar Shadow Spectres

Stahly 3 Minute Read October 16

Check out this showcase of Forge World’s Shadow Spectres, some really cool Eldar aspect warriors painted by Stahly.Hey guys, Stahly here from Tale of Painters. Today I present you another entry to my growing Eldar collection of craftworld Iybraesil: Shadow Spectres aspect warriors from Forge World. These were the most challenging models to clean and assemble […]

40K SHOWCASE: Eldar Wave Serpent Type II

Stahly 3 Minute Read September 10

This is a showcase of a Wave Serpent with Type II upgrade parts from Forge World, painted in the colours of craftworld Iybraesil. Hey guys, Stahly here from Tale of Painters. Today we have some pictures of my recently finished Wave Serpent, including type II upgrade parts from Forgeworld. I really like the look of the […]

40k Tutorial: Painting Blood Angels

Stahly 7 Minute Read August 5

Today you learn how to paint Blood Angels, like a pro! Let’s get started!In this extensive step by step tutorial you will learn how to paint Blood Angels, including guides for deep reds and vibrant yellows! This is Stahly from Tale of Painters, serving you with an extensive Blood Angels tutorial today. In fact, the model you […]

40k SHOWCASE: Dark Eldar Incubi

Stahly 3 Minute Read July 22

Today we have a squad of neatly painted Dark Eldar Incubi on display, lead by a converted Klaivex. Hey guys, Stahly here from Tale of Painters. Check out the squad of Dark Eldar Incubi I painted a couple of months ago, painted in the colours of the Kabal of the Last Hatred. Overall I really […]

40k SHOWCASE: Eldar Iybraesil War Walker

Stahly 3 Minute Read July 13

It’s turquoise. It’s pink. It’s bright. It’s a propainted Eldar War Walker! Come take a look:Hey guys, Stahly from Tale of Painters here, today I present you my recently finished War Walker for my Eldar warhost of Iybraesil. This is the second vehicle I painted for my small but growing Iybraesil force. I learnt a lot from the […]