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40K SHOWCASE: Heresy White Scars, The Brotherhood of the Sun

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Sep 30 2014

How often do you see a fully converted Heresy White Scars army?  You’ve got to check this army out!

I constructed this Heresy themed army over the last couple of years, adding bits and pieces here and there, and mixing Forgeworld bits with regular plastic kits. I gave the army a nice mix of model types for a Heresy list, though I missed out on a unit of jetbikes. I wanted the army to be a bit of an unconventional White Scars force, with Heavy Support elements that had come back after being assigned alongside other Legions, and assembled hastily just prior to the Siege of Terra. Leading the army are a pair of Praetors on Jetbikes, one Terran, and one Chogorin, and a Stormseer.

‘Chagan’ Khan ‘The White One’, the Terran Praetor of the Brotherhood of the Sun. He holds the loyalty of half the Brothers. Constructed from Master of the Ravenwing, FW Vehicle upgrade torso and head, Chaos Terminator mace.

Stormseer Batu. Some would say Batu is the true commander of the force, as his sage wisdom is almost always heeded by the two Khans. Constructed from Dark Vengeance Librarian, FW MKIV torso and shoulder pad, Chaos Marauder Horseman head.


Vachir Khan leading the charge. He holds the loyalty of all the Chogorin Brothers in the force. Constructed from FW Scimitar Jetbike, MKII head, plastic SM Powerfist, Chaos Marauder Horsemen shields, chains,  and spears.

Assault Squad Quba. Most of the squad is Chogorin, and they all have their scars. They are seen by others in the Brotherhood as somewhat reckless. Constructed from MKs III-V, plastic Sanguinary Guard jump packs, Marauder and SW heads.

Outrider Squad Inselki. The Brothers most loyal to Chagan Khan, Squad Inselki bear the Golden Eagle Wings on their bikes. Constructed from Ravenwing Bikers, FW MKIV torsos, various era appropriate heads, and an array of close combat weapons.

Outrider Squad Rang Tai and, in the foreground, Apothecary Esen Mu, ‘The Butcher of the Golden Palace’. Squad Rang Tai is made from SM Bikes, MKIV torsos, old metal White Scars bits, and CSM chainswords, while the Apothecary is made from MKIV, SM plastic Apothecary pieces, and a claw from Tyberos the Red Wake as his reductor.

One half of Tactical Squad Takir. Takir and his men trust the words of Batu above all others, and act as his bodyguard. The Tactical squad is made from many FW armour marks, plastic SM kits, Space Wolf heads, Marauder Horsemen heads, FW bolters, and regular bolters.


The other half of Tactical squad Takir.

From this angle you can see a lot of the personal heraldry and markings many of the Brothers have. Each Bike has a unique marking, and so do many of the other Marines.

Heavy Support Squad Manduul. Alongside the Rapier battery, Squad Manduul lays down a steady stream of supporting fire for the quicker members of the Brotherhood. As native Terrans, the members of the squad were very pleased when they were sent to defend Terra. Squad Manduul is made from many kits; various FW armour marks, FW missle launchers, old Rogue Trader missle launchers, and Manduul himself, who is converted from the Master of Relics, with a missle launcher from the basic SM kit made to have an upright missle rack.

That’s everything I currently have for this force, and I probably will not add more. I now have the old Alpha Legion bug (4th Alpha Legion army since I started playing), so I am working on a Heresy list for them now. I also have a small Mechanicum detachment that I make occasional additions to, which can be used alongside either Legion.

What do you all think about how I approached these guys?



Author: Kris Lon
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