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Bushido: Temple of Ro-Kan Starter Unboxed

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Sep 10 2014

Let’s peek inside Bushido’s Temple of Ro-Kan starter.

This over-sized blister containing the Ro-Kan starter is somewhat unassuming given the awesome minis inside of it.

We’ll start with Kenko. He’s one of the martial artist monks of the Temple of Ro-Kan. If you didn’t read my first Bushido article go back and check it out for a little background on these guys.

Game wise this guy is pretty boss. He has several interesting abilities but with my admittedly still limited Bushido knowledge I see the most intriguing as Split Attack, Slam Atack, and Fists of Iron. Make sure you’re nice and loaded up with Ki though. Seriously, just go download the Bushido rules if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

 And here is Kenko’s buddy Yumi. Ok so I don’t actually know if they’re buddies or not, but they seem like kind of a matched pair don’t they so I’m just going to go with it.

 She’s not quite the damage dealer Kenko is. Instead she has the cool Ki Feat Tornado to send enemy ranged attacks right back at them. She can also give herself Counter Attack Defense for a little Ki.

I always like cool little civilian models like Atsuko here.

He is not a great fighter but he can heal allies or remove status effects, which is always helpful.

 This guy is just a generic Rice Farmer.

His stats are just as poor as Atsuko’s and to make it worse he can’t even heal. He can help out nearby Monks by making their Ki Feats a little cheaper with his Faith ability. Rice Farmers are also about as cheap as they come points wisre. I really like this model too. He has a cool little bird friend.


Seriously though, Master Ekusa, you and your tortoise are just the bomb.If you read my article on Bushido game play, you may have noticed that this guy can make an enemy model contemplate their own existence, essentially costing them their entire activation. It costs a lot of Ki, but he has the ability to leech Ki off of other friendly models to make it easier for himself.

Here are all the model’s cards. They come in the starter obviously. Normally when I do unboxings I don’t bother with cards. Minis are what I’m into and cards, strictly speaking, are not minis.

But these cards are extra cool because they have a glossy finish that lets you write on them with dry erase markers. And then wipe it off. I guess the latter is the important part really.

And just because I’m so excited about these guys, I cleaned them, put them together, and primed them.

I invite you to click and zoom in, lest they look too gray.

Seriously is this just the coolest mini or what?

~Hope you guys are enjoying all the Bushido. I have an Ito starter I’m planning on unboxing as well so don’t stay away too long.


Ben Williams