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Dark Eldar: Wracks Wargear and Kit Details

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Sep 15 2014

Gather round boys and girls.  The new Wracks appear – and they bear secrets from the Dark City:

pic via El Descanso Del Escriba 9-15-2014

via barjed on Warseer 9-15-2014

Okay, I have the new WD with me.

Wracks get a new ranged weapon called Ossefactor.

“Each Wrack has access to (…) hooked blades and studded claws, (…) power mauls, (…), to (…)hex rifles, liquifiers and ossefactors”. Power weapons for Wracks! Acothyst can take ECW, Scissorhand, Mindphase Gauntlet.

5 Wracks in a box, 29 eur. 11 different heads inside. Its not a dual kit.

This one is interesting. There are bits in the box that allow you to replace the crew of Raiders and Venoms for Wrack pilots and gunners!

Plastic Wracks look almost indentical to the Finecast ones.

New Haemy is 20 eur, looks like a cross between Urien (he has a syringe) and the old Haemy.

No codex yet.

Next week “it came from the void”.

…The it’s worded in WD, I think it’s ECW, Mindphase and Xhand for Acothyst, while the rest of the gear applies to regular Wracks (It explicitly states that every Wrack can equip a Power Maul)

Hmm, this appears to be another release window with the codex in week 2.  We shall see.

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