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OPEN THREAD: Warhammer 40K, the End Times

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Sep 1 2014

People are already talking about what the “End Times” for Warhammer 40,000 would look like. How about you?

Nagash is only the beginning of the 4 part monster reboot of Warhammer Fantasy.  The fluff that has been stagnant for decades is lurching forward and the characters both old and new are dying in droves.  Empires are buckling, and this  ONLY the first of 4 volumes.  By the time WFB’s rumored 9th Edition shows up next summer, the Old World may be unrecognizable.

And that has the 40K folks just a teensy bit jealous. We would love even a sliver of that kind of attention.

So this is your thread super 40K fans.


When that 40K clock that always stopped at one minute till midnight chimes and the 42nd Millenium starts – what do you want to happen?

Who should rise, and who should fall?

What empires should swell and which should crumble?

Who should live and who should die?


How do you want to see the 40K universe go down?

Author: Larry Vela
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