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Outside the Box 09-05-14

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Sep 5 2014

It’s time for Outside the Box again! This week we have Kornak Gazarot, Valkir Heavy Troopers, the return of Carnevale, Dr Doom, Burning Cows and much more – Enjoy!

Kornak Gazarot for the Combined Army will be one of the new releases for Infinity in September:

Carnevale will return soon:

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Knight Models announced Dr Doom for their 25mm Marvel range:

This week we saw three new artworks for Bushido:

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The Valkir Heavy Troopers have been released:

New painted previews for Darklands:

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The Bolt Action books for 2015 have been announced, including a Great War supplement!
Additionally, new Soviet vehicles for Bolt Action are available, we got a preview of the Boromite Heavy Frag Borer for Beyond the Gates of Antares and the 95th Rifles are up for pre-orders:

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Mantic Games showed new miniatures for Mars Attacks:


Zenit Miniatures
New Death Creatures for Kensei have been released:

Titan Forge is going to SPAAAAAAACEEEEE!


Creature Caster published a new picture of their Treewalker:

Onslaught Miniatures

These Armored Limousines are part of the next wave of 6mm releases:
New miniatures for WWX are on the way:

Weird War German Heavy Infantry in 28mm is on the way:


A new Laser Cannon and Flak Cannon have been released:

This is a first picture of the upcoming Aetheric Horror for a new post-apocalyptic range:

And  Rocket Games published new previews for Last Saga:

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