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Outside the Box 09-20-14

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Sep 19 2014

Hello again, this week we have new Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, Relic Knights, new Malifaux releases, a Chibi Perturabo and much, much more!

Raging Heroes
The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are still the hottest news whereever they show up!
And soon there will be the next Kickstarter(s)

Avatars of War
Two new characters have been annnounced:

Ninja Division
The Relic Knighte range keeps growing:

Finally a picture of the actual Chinese Armored Dragon miniature for Dystopian Wars:

 -> More Spartan Games News

Mierce Minatures
Beside the new Kickstarter (see below) we have a new wave of releases for Darklands:

Wyrd Miniatures
New miniatures for Malifaux have been released togetehr with different card decks and the new supplement book:

-> More Wyrd Miniatures News

Dream Pod 9
New pictures of the Peace River Argos:

-> More Dream Pod 9 News

Knight Models 
New characters and scenery are available for the DC and Marvel ranges

-> More Knight Models News


Dark Age Games 
The Skarrd get new toys:

Two new miniatures for Bushido have been announced:

Warlord Games
This week we saw a lot of new releases for the napoleonic ranges, but also new previews for Beyond the Gate of Antares and the Great War:

Outlaw Miniatures 
New releases for Wild West Exodus have been announced:

Willy Miniatures
A new Vampire Football team is available:

The new Field of Screams bases have been released:

Fantasy Flight Games
The Rebel Aces expansion for X-Wing will be Available next week and two new factions for Battlelore have been announced:

Megalith Games

New units for Godslayer:

And  Legendarion added Perturabo to their Chibi Primarch range:


–> More Legendarion News


Hepas of new Kickstarter campaigns this week: 


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