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The Chaos End Times Book Contents – Ancient Villains Return!

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Sep 13 2014

So remember when we said over a month of Chaos – yup, it’s looking that way, and look who Nagash will be fighting!

Steve the Warboss:

The book includes, for example (what I know);
-New Archaon Profile
-Cult of Slaanesh for Dark Elves with a new Unit and Chaos Demons
-Chaos Mono-List for Nurgle with Warriors and Demons united
-New Nurgle Chaos Champion (Valnir Aesling?)
-There is a picture with Nurgle Demons and a different looking great unclean one (I’m not sure, new model or convension)
-Some old Chaos Warrior Chars returns (van Horstmann, Arbaal, and Aekold Helbrass)

And previously he said:

“Soon after the Dark Eldar, Endtimes will goes into the next round. It will be a big chaos release with 5-6 week.”

Which builds directly on the rumors that broke out of Spain 3 days ago: 

via adicto 9-11-2014

October – The Month of Chaos
“There is something we haven’t seen yet that will pop out soon enough. A new kind of evil and destruction related to Glotkin.
October should be the month of Chaos, the starter kit is there somewhere, I don’t know when, the way they told me I thought it would be on september 20th.

Chaos book. 2 big boxes. 1 medium-sized box, and a SC (TN: special character) blister. (emphasis by editor)

Unholy cards?
Will Malus become a daemon prince?
Will the cult of slaanesh (TN: Cult of Pleasure) return?
Will the anointed druchii come back to obliterate Naggaroth?
Will the Nagarythe prophecy become true?
Will the old chaos champions return?
Is the Caledor dragons prophecy finally here?”

~ We are getting more in on the End Times – Chaos release window.  More soon.


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