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The Top 10 GW Kits for 40K Conversions

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Sep 17 2014

So, you want to dress up your army and give it some flair?  These kits are a converters dream!

1: Tempestus Scions – From Inquisitorial bodyguards to every kind of cool weapon and bits accessories, to some of the best characterful heads out there – the Scions is an awesome kit to start with.

2: Dark Eldar Wyches – The Wychs give you the lithe bodies and a lot of great poses to base things like Callidus Assassins, DCAs and anything else fast and quick on.

3: Lizardmen Dinos – Use any of the big beasts to dress up your Eldar, or heck even a cool squad of “feral planet” IG regiments, or Ork vehicle replacements.

4: Necron Deathmarks – Look no further for some of the coolest sniper rifles in the Grimdark.  Mixand match with Space Marine Scouts or Scions for some cool looking Ad-Mech shooters.

5: Bretonnia Men at Arms – Combine these with Cadians for some WW1 feeling Imperial infantry.

6: Dark Elves Cauldron of Blood – You get a bigger, lighter and better looking Eldar Avatar – plus a bonus wagon to play with.

7: Dwarf Irondrakes – Yeah – you know you want to reset the Squat Clock… Just add Cadian canteens…

8: Chaos Marauders – from Cultists, to Marine Scouts, to IG infantrymen/veterans.  You can do a LOT of mix and matching with these guys and Imperial bits.


9: Dark Eldar Medusae – Culexis ready to go, just add some Imperial bits.

10: Arachnarok Spider – You can use it for anything from Deamon princes, to Ork Battlewagon stand-ins, to the basis for Hellturkey conversions.  Everyone is creeped out by spiders!

What is your go-to kit for cool conversion bits?

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