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This Week in 40K Podcasting – 08/29/2014 – 09/4/2014

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Sep 7 2014
Welcome to another installment of “This Week in 40K Podcasting,”  Here is this week’s top 5!

The Independent Characters – Episode 108

Highlights:  This week is ‘Show of Force’ the guys reviewed the Greater Good in the Tau Empire!  Jason joined the cast and they took a moment introduce him, his 40K experience, and much more.  Next, in the ‘Work Bench’ the guys discussed what they have been up to lately in the hobby and gaming.  This included some cool terrain building ideas, some great games played, and a peak at how the Tau play on the table.  Then, in ‘Show of Force’ the guys highlighted the Tau Empire and why you would want to play this army!  They started off with a ‘40K’ historical look at the Tau and how the Imperium discovered them six thousand years ago as a war-like race.  Then the Ethereals came along and helped to set a peace on their planet under the belief of a ‘Greater Good’ and the breakdown of the caste system.  They discussed each Caste, starting with the Fire Caste, and what they are all about.  They then discussed how the Tau Empire started to advance their Empire and add worlds to their collective, worlds controlled by the Vespids and the Kroot.  They then moved into the expansion of the Empire that brought them to the Damocles Gulf and hit head to head with the Imperium and the introduction of Commander Farsight, and Hive Fleet Gorgon entering the fray to disrupt everything!  They then moved on to talk about what the Tau physically look like and how this translated to the model line for this army and the ‘anime’ look to them.  This moved on to a look at some of their favorite units from the Codex and what they like about them.  This included Fire Warriors, Riptides, Gun Drones and they mentioned some reference books and audio books available to get even deeper into the Tau background story.  They then coved the available supplements out there from the Alter of War missions to the Farsight Enclaves, the Damocles Apocalypse book, Imperial Armour III: The Taros Campaign, and more!  They then cover how they feel the army is represented in the game and how they play on the table.  Next, Carl interviewed on of the more renowned Tau tournament players in Israel Sanchez and they discussed his entry into the game, how the Tau taught him the game, and the competitive edge that can be found in the Tau army. 

Opinion:  I am really becoming a big fan of “Show of Force’!  It reminds me why I love the 40K background and how deep it really is.  I only recently started playing Tau and Farsight’s story by far has been my favorite.  So while I do wish the guys would have gone deeper into that, over this was just an amazing show.  They covered everything you could, from Forgeworld, supplements, to favorite models and great background fluff.  The best one of the week, hands down!  Great work guys!

The Overlords – Episode 159 ***Explicit**


Highlights:  This week the boys checked it with a massive 3+ hour show!  The boys are joined by Teras this week from Geek Nation Tours and they started off the show with the news and the sudden release of Grey Knights!  They discussed some of the changes to the army, the large quantity of things that were removed from the army, and the lack of new models for this new release.  They discussed a little about the fluff and some of the new stuff found there, and the actual changes to the unit entries themselves.  Next it was on to the local Overlords news which included Haven, Steve’s Super Birthday Party, and what the boy have been up to lately in the hobby and gaming.  Teras also discussed what is up with the latest news over at Geek Nation Tours.  Next, Jason talked to Steve in an interview where they discussed Steve’s recent attendance at a rare tournament for Steve.  This was a Highlander Escalation event over four games.  They gave their description the rules as it were to building lists for this event and the Grey Knight list that Steve decided to take that day.  They then discussed the missions and how they used the Maelstrom of War missions, the games that Steve played, and the overall outcome of those games.  Next, the boys had a conversation about their favorite armies and how they have been performing and have changed since the release of 7th Edition.  They discussed the changed to scoring in 7th, how their list building techniques have changed ever so slightly, rules they wish they would change, and some of the tactics they have learned to use under the new edition.  They reviewed armies like the Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Tyranids, and more.  Next, Big Jim joined the show and he and Jason discussed ‘Warzone Resurrection’, a competing game to 40K back in the day.  Jim discussed what it has taken to revive this long dead IP and the game itself, from the background story of the game and how it ties in to the game. 

Opinion:  Well this show was just packed with surprises!  First, the main topic was pretty interesting as the guys described how 7th Edition directly affected their armies.  I was happy to see Steve getting into the competitive side of the game and doing a tournament report. And of course their Grey Knight coverage was a lot of fun too!  Overall, an outstanding show!

The Heroic 28s – Episode 102 

Highlights:  This week the guys conclude their review of the Imperial Guard (cough Astra Miltarum) Codex!  After a Texas sports off shoot, the guys discussed some interesting rules over the Jink rule.  They then moved on to talk about the article out on the net (the ‘Dice Abide’ blog, look it up) on the winner of the Bay Area Open and some ‘questionable’ play at that event.  This involved a great conversation about the socially expectable ways in which you can question rules or play on the table while still being a good sport at a tournament.  They then continued with their review of the Imperial Guard Codex, starting with the Elites and units like Ratling Snipers, Ogryns, Bullgryns, Scions and more.  They then moved on to the Fast Attack choices like the Rough Riders, Sentinels, Hellhounds, the Valkyrie and more.  Then it was on to the awesome Heavy Support choices starting with the Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hydras, Wyverns, the ‘hysterical’ Deathstrike Missile Launcher, and much more!  They closed out the show by reviewing a listener submitted Imperial Guard list to review and prepare it for the competitive circuit.  This was some of the filthiest list building mojo I have heard in some time.

Opinion:  I am really glad the guys are back to the Codex reviews, and this one was really very good.  I am still looking forward to hearing this legendary episode 100 though, what’s the deal Kenny?  That being said, they did  a outstanding review of the book, my favorite part being the ridiculous lists that they did at the end of the review.  Great work guys!

Forge the Narrative – Episode 63

Highlights:  This week the guys dove into more Assassins and Grey Knight discussion!  They have two special guests on the show, Mike Haspil and Evan from Facing the Grey Tideblog.  They opened up the show with the new Grey Knights and how this feels more like an Allies Codex then a full blown Codex.  They talked about what the big changes were in the book, including Dragio getting a bit of a nerf, Terminators being a bit more manageable and sort of better, and much more.  They moved on to the ups in this codex like the Silencer, a ranged Force Weapon, the Grey Knight Librarian, and more.  They then moved on to discuss how important the Assassins Dataslate is and how it help to level the playing field in the world of ‘Invisibility’.  This also included the Vindicare, Callidus, Eversor, and Culexus assassins and their new rules.  They also threw down on some old school pencil fighting rules! 


Opinion:  The guys had two really great topics of conversation this week, and while the show tended to go off the rails from time to time (and that is sort of the norm here) they did get out quite a bit of competitive knowledge in a short time frame.  I am looking forward to seeing Assassins on the table now! 

Masters of the Forge – Episode 11

Highlights:  This week the boys dive deep into the story of the Eldar and Dark Eldar relationship currently!  They opened up the show with a great parody song (you’ll have to hear it for yourself) and then it was on to what they have been up to in the hobby and gaming.  Next, the boys moved on to their in-depth look at how the Eldar and Dark Eldar interact with each other in the 40K universe.  So they set up the story with the history of the Eldar and their rise at the most predominate species in the galaxy.  They discussed the ‘Fall’ of this great race, and how their tail led to the birth of the Chaos god Slaanesh.  This is where the two divisions of Eldar separate and how they handle the ever present threat of Slaanesh.  The Dark Eldar seek out even more levels of extreme pleasures and pains, while the Eldar have seen these ways as the reason of their fall.  They discussed some of the conflicts between the two divisions of this great race and what the outcomes were.  They then moved on to discuss the Harlequins and their shaded background and free movement between both subsections of the Eldar and Dark Eldar.   They then moved to then discuss special terrain rules they created for the Xenos races on the table, and of course these pieces of terrain focused around the Dark Eldar, but also included the Tau, Orks, and more. 

Opinion:  The cherry on the top of my week easily, the story of the Eldar and Dark Eldar is just fascinating.  Easily one of my favorite areas of 40K lore is Slaanesh and her birth.  However, the second topic of Xenos terrain was also very interesting, as GW has really neglected this area of their game.  Great show guys! 
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So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, [email protected] and let me know about it.  Also you can find me on My YouTube Channel for Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews, X-Wing and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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