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This Week in 40K Podcasting – 09/05/2014 – 09/11/2014

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Sep 14 2014
Welcome to another installment of “This Week in 40K Podcasting,” Here is this week’s top 5!

The 11th Company – Episode 206

Highlights:  This week the guys finished off their Space Wolf Codex review and looked ahead at the new Grey Knights Codex.  They kicked off the show with what they have been doing lately in gaming which included Neil attending a recent RTT, a Team Event that Eric and Alan attended, and much more.  Next, the guys took a brief look at the leaked Grey Knights Codex and how some of the prices had not changed save for Terminators and that the book felt very watered down.  They started taking note of all of the big removals from this book like Psybolt ammunition and the change to Psycannons.  They discussed what units were removed from the book, what is currently there, and how they believe the army will play now.  Dreadknights got a lot better, but little more got better, most got worse.  Then, Matt and Jesse were back with ‘List Doctors’ and they review an Imperial Guard list with a very heavy Psychic influence.  They play-tested the list and then offered up some suggestions on how to improve the list.  Next the guys returned to their review of Codex Space Wolves, picking up where they left off with Fenrisian Wolves, and moved on to the Stormfang Gunship, Long Fangs, the standard Space Marine Tanks and much more.  They then covered Logan Grimnar the Lord of War, the formations, the Warlord Traits and the really lack luster Psychic Powers.  They closed out the show by answering questions from the FaceBook fans! 

Opinion:  This week’s show was just jam packed with everything you want to be listening to right now in 40K!  First, their preview look at the Grey Knights codex was great, clearly recorded before the release, but all still relevant.  And of course the second half of the Space Wolf Codex was full of great tactical discussion.  Overall, easily the best show out this week!  Outstanding work guys!

Highlights:  This week the guys look at the new Grey Knights Codex!  Nathan rejoins the show after his run to GenCon 2014!  They kicked off the show with what they have been doing lately in gaming and the hobby, which included some off-topic games, video games, and Nathan’s first games of 7th.  In ‘Model of the Week’ the guys looked at some Ninja models from Rise of the Kage Kickstarter!  It was then on to the ‘Weekly Listener Poll’ on the Lore of Undeath.  Next it was on to their review of the sort of Grey Knights release, which included little to no effort placed into this book.  Even the models shown in the book have very little effort put into the new pain jobs, to the new format being better when read backwards!  They get into what was being removed from this codex, included the Inquisitor being removed, and how this could have been handled differently.  They moved on to the Warlord Traits before covering the formations, like the Nemesis Strike Force, and the Relics!  They then covered the Lord of War, Lord Draigo and all of the changes that came to him.  They then moved on to pick out a few units to cover their changes, such as the Dreadknight, the Stromraver Gunship, he Brother Captain, the lack of Psychic Pilot, Pysbolt Ammunition, and more.
Opinion:  First, a big welcome back to Nathan, I was happy to see he survived GenCon!  I really enjoyed the review of the new Grey Knights Codex, and I have to say their method for reading this new format was just outstanding and it works!  I do look forward to this next episode where they build a list with this watered down Codex.  Nice work guys!
Forge the Narrative – Episode 64

Highlights:  This week the guys discussed the Fortress of Redemption and the Escape Hatch rules.  They kicked off the show by talking up a product Paul has been using to make tentacles out of greenstuff and a method he uses for fast and easy hoses.  They then moved on to discuss the ‘People’s Mission Packet’ now being the official mission pact for ‘Feast of Blades’, and Kenny discussed play-testing another mission for the packet.  Next it was on to a list Paul has been working on using the Fortress of Redemption, the Escape Hatch, and basically abuses the 7th Edition rule set.  They then moved on to discuss a list that is making its way on the net since the NOVA Open, the ‘Pacific Rim’ list, which is triple Riptides and Triple Knight Titans formation from the ‘Red Waagh’ sourcebook, and just how gross this list really is. 

Opinion:  Once again the guys are back up to their old tricks, and trying to find ways to abuse the Escape Hatch rules was just an amusing discussion.  I am happy to hear that their mission pack is receiving some notoriety as it is really good, if you have not read it.  I also really enjoyed their analysis of the ‘Pacific Rim’ list that came out of NOVA.  Good show guys. 
Life After the Cover Save – Episode 117 ***Explicit***

Highlights:  This week Blake and Robo Ed are joined by Dan the Magnet Man, Cheyenne and Campos for a full house this week.  They kicked off the show with their personal weeks (some worse than others) before moving on to their main topic:  How is 7th Edition treating you?  Each of the guys ran down briefly what their thoughts were on this more social edition of the game as opposed to the competitive side, and how it has affected their favorite army.  This then moved on to a discussion on the team lists that Campos and Dan will be taking to CelestiCon, a nasty mix of Eldar and Necrons.  This spilled over into a discussion about their local meta and what everyone has been running lately.  Which really has moved to a more social game, less competitive, and a lot of new people where as the older players have dropped off in attendance.  They topped off the show by answering some fan emails. 

Opinion:  Always fun, always entertaining, the guys had another classic LAtCS episode this week.  I was a big fan of the longer format with more guys; I really think the guys shine when they have more people to feed off of.  Overall, the gem of this show was the look at the Eldar/Necron list that Campos and Dan were taking to ClestiCon, as it has the most to do with 40K.  Love the show as always guys!

40K Radio – Episode 78 ***Explicit***

Highlights:  This week the guys kicked off the show with discussing the crazy month that GW has had recently, Space Wolves, Champions of Fenris, Grey Knights, and Nagash!  They took a moment to look over all the cool stuff in the Space Wolves Codex and some units, including Logan and his Sleigh, the new flyers and how Jaws has changed.  They also looked at Thunder Wolf Cavalry, Long Fangs, and the formations and overall what they think of this new book.    They then moved on to talk about the new Grey Knights codex and what had been removed, such as the Inquisitors and their entire accompaniment.  Teras from Geek Nations Tours then joined the show to go over the Grey Knights.  They covered all the stuff that was removed and how this army now feels much more like an Ally force rather than a full blown Codex.  The rest of the show was all Warhammer Fantasy stuff on the release of Nagash…on 40K….Radio.  Um, ok.  Insert my reasons for wanting a name change for this show out of Romeo. 


Opinion: So, this week’s show started off really good and dropped off shapely thereafter.  So they started with a pretty good overview of the Space Wolves and the Grey Knights Codices, all good material which I enjoyed.  But this was half the show, the rest of the show was all Warhammer Fantasy talk.  So while interesting, it was not 40K.  I really do not understand why this is still called ‘40K Radio’ when other games are discussed.  Be done with it and call it ‘Battlefoam Radio’. 

Honorable Mentions– All great podcasts that just missed this cut this week, but you should still check them out, in no particular order:
The Wolfkin Podcast – Episode 23 ***Explicit*** What they have been up to, rumors, league play, and much more!

Cowboy 40K – Episode 10 How to make 40K fun again!

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So, that is it for This Week in 40K podcasting, thanks for reading. Got a podcast all about 40K, or mostly 40K that I am not listening to? Let me know about it, [email protected] and let me know about it.  Also you can find me on My YouTube Channel for Battle Reports, Tactics, Reviews, X-Wing and more! Disagree with my review? Post comments for that too!

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