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Warhammer Fantasy 9th OUT OF NOWHERE?!

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Sep 4 2014

Your eye’s aren’t fooling you.  The first of the “BIG RELEASE” rumors for September are here…

Latest 9th Edition Rumors by Father Gabe 9-3-2014

Just got some news from several sources concerning the strong possibility of 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy.

1) Coming tomorrow to a GW near you will be a series of new posters for in store advertisement for something BIG as the corporate email stated.

2) Some GW stores are finding Island of Blood sets are being zeroed out of their system for restock. Similar when Dark Vengeance happened to Assault on Black Reach.
3) This part is speculation: Bretonnians are going to be playing a big part in the Nagash saga in the beginning, it is believed the following is going to happen:

a) Pre-Order for 9th Edition will be Sept 13th (with special editions – standard new edition merchandising)
b) October will receive the new box edition (if standard releases from past is an indicator) which may contain Bretonnians and Undead.
c) Bretonnians will have a new Army book, model release following that, possibly into November before the Christmas packs roll in.
d) intermingled among these releases will be probably some filler models (repackaged Crom/Valten/etc.), army bundles, etc.

4) Not of speculation, though it must be considered rumor, I (and a few chosen) have personally seen new artwork by John Blanche for Bretonnians. Does this mean it will be in the new book? No idea, but sometimes his stuff is used for the sculptors to pull concept to model.

Or we could be really blindsided by everything and it be 25 new paints (not very likely), Dark Eldar (possible) or something ridiculous like a mass Hobbit release. GW likes to have a strong second quarter launch that will help carry through 3rd quarter (end of February).

Also as an FYI, there are a lot of miniatures-based “OMG surprise release” rumors swirling out there, for the late September timeslot.

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Author: Larry Vela
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