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White Dwarf 34 Review & Dark Eldar Preview

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Sep 22

If Dark Eldar is your thing, you’ll love this issue. If not, well lets just say you can still enjoy the pretty pictures.

Issue 34 is here, and with it a preview of the new Dark Eldar Wracks, the ancient Haemonculous, and not much else. Sure there is yet another great paint splatter article, and a great little teaser story about Chaos Fantasy  (which is quite possibly a Book 2 End Times preview), but IMHO it’s pretty slim pickings content wise.

This week’s issue will probably be a pass for most of us, ’till we see some meaty Dark Eldar rules leaks I imagine! Will the beaststar army survive the supposed “Nerf” bat that’s coming, or will we get something unexpected from the upcoming rules set?

See you again in a week for the answer!

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