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40K: Blood Angels Characters Latest

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Oct 9 2014

A new set of Blood Angel character info is doing the rounds.  Let’s see what the space vampires have in store:

More Blood Angels rumors 10-9-2014

-Mephiston is getting a new plastic.

Huge, standing almost as tall as a terminator. Sword low across front in right arm. Left extented over the top with hand spread…individual fingers. Looks like he’s lunging forward sweeping the blade in an uppercut. Cape blown about behind him. Model has skull and blood drop iconography  all over. Aegis extends up like the cowl of the old figure but is much more recognisable as a psychic hood. Face is incredibly detailed. Fangs are visible. 

Captain Tycho
-Tycho plastic is death company version.
-Has a chainsword and signature combimelta.
-DC iconography, retains nipple armor.

-Corbulo plastic is in sanguinary armor.
-Has chalice held aloft with both arms as in offering. 

Terminators Set
-New Blood Angel Terminator box set.
-Makes terminators, BA captain in TA, BA Librarian in TA, or new BA terminator armored heavy unit.
-Storm Bolters are in hand not arm-mounted like gk. 
-Includes power axes, fists, sbs, force sword, power sword, new 2 handed heavy cannon, heavy flamer, Assault cannon, librarian torso/tabard/shoulders/weapon, banner, captain options (combi weapons) tons of bits.

Reliability is: medium-low, coming from a mix of known and unknown sources

With the rumors swirling around, these offer yet another set of datapoints and you can see a pattern forming.  There are continual and matching rumors regarding both Mephiston and a new Terminator kit out there.  This set of rumors is the first instance of mention of Tycho and Corbulo.

Still, GW will need to find a way to deal with the Sanguinary Priests/Corbulo and I can’t see him being cut as he has had a decent quality miniature for some time.  Tycho would be a surprise, but on the other hand, I could easily see him  being the star of the company-based Blood Angels supplemental codex.

~”By the Blood Of Sanguinius!”

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