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40k Breaking: A Swarm is Coming!

Oct 27 2014

Hello everybody, today we have a new teaser video from GW on the NEW TYRANIDS!.

Waaaghschale here from Waaaghgaming, bringing you the latest News and Rumours.

via What’s New Today (GW Blog) 10-27-2014

“A shadow looms over the galaxy, a herald of death and destruction. So ready your lasguns, recite your litanies of accuracy and pray to the Emperor because you’re going to need all the help, faith and ammunition you can get. Come back on Saturday 1st November to find out more about the latest threat to the Imperium of Man.”

“An Alien threat has been detected. A swarm is coming!”

This could be related to the rumours about the two new monstrous creatures for the Tyranids, we heared yesterday.

 ~ All right Party People I think you better check your Respirators.

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