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40k Rumours: Upcoming Q4 Releases

Oct 28 2014

Hello everybody, we have some informations on the upcoming Releases for 40k before the holidays!

Waaaghschale here from Waaaghgaming, bringing you the latest News and Rumours.

via Lords of War Gaming 10-28-2014

I keep getting questions about a Tyranids Codex release and here’s some info.

1. This is a model release no Tyranids codex.

2. A Campaign book will be released and if I remember correctly it’s called Leviathan.

3. Blood Angels are still coming.

4. There will be a starter set that contains BA and Tyranids. It will be similar to Storm Claw.

5. Hope to update Blood Angel rumors this week.


Hope this helps.

I hope we will get two new charakter models as for Sanctus Reach.

As soon as the Blood Angel rumours show up you will find it here.

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