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40K SHOWCASE: Eldar Shadow Spectres

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Oct 16 2014

Check out this showcase of Forge World’s Shadow Spectres, some really cool Eldar aspect warriors painted by Stahly.

Hey guys, Stahly here from Tale of Painters. Today I present you another entry to my growing Eldar collection of craftworld Iybraesil: Shadow Spectres aspect warriors from Forge World.

These were the most challenging models to clean and assemble I’ve ever had. Lots of small, delicate, easy to break parts, and a lot of casting imperfections that needed to be green stuffed. I’m not the best (or most patient) sculptor, so there are still a couple of rough areas on the models left. However, for the army level painting I do, I feel they’re fine. Now that they’re finished, they give me a pretty strong sense of accomplishment.

Notice how I cut down the rocks. I felt that in the original sculpts, the rocks were too dominating, so I shortened them. In hindsight, the model on the right in the picture above hangs a bit low in the air now, but oh well.

The paint scheme was inspired by ThirdEyeNuke‘s silver Shadow Spectres. The silver was basecoated with Army Painters’ Plate Mail Metal (old Chainmail), shaded with P3 Turquoise Ink, glazed with Guilliman Blue and finally highlighted with Army Painters’ Shining Silver (old Mithril Silver). I always have a hard time highlighting metal, so my highlighting work isn’t as good on the silver areas as usual. However, I really like the bright silver with the slight turquoise sheen.

I painted the ribbons in two colours for an additional splash of colours. The turquoise is the same recipe as my Iybraesil turquoise. The jade green is a spot colour that is present on a lot of models in my Dark Eldar collection. Both of my armies already share the same basing style, and I wanted to add more visual “ties” between both my collections.

How do you like my Shadow Spectres? Tell me in the comments!

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