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40K/WFB The Ten Greatest Gifts of the Chaos Gods

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Oct 29 2014

The Ruinous Powers are a fickly bunch!  Here are some of their best “gifts” ripped from the pages of GW books:

All gifts & mutations from Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness & Lost & the Damned
The Hand of Khorne – “One of the champion’s hands, paws or tentacles turns bright red.”
Musk – “The Champion exudes a musky perfume, which is highly attractive to all creatures.”
Trail of Slime – “The champion leaves a trail of slime whereever he goes”
Changing of the Ways – “Every one of the champion’s gifts and mutations are replaced with the same number of new ones”
Big Ears – “The mutant has enormous ears: large versions of its original ears, or those of a elephant, rabbit bat, etc…”
Enormous Noise – “The mutant periodically produces a deafening sound: a wild manic laugh, a mighty (and disgusting) breaking of wind, a crazed scream or wail, or any other noise you may devise.”
Pin Head – “The mutant has a tiny head, all out of proportion to the rest of its body”
Silly Walk – “The mutant develops an extremely odd method of walking, taking ridiculously short steps, several steps forward and back in a single stride, hopping on the spot, etc…”
Pseudo-Daemonhood – “The mutant takes on the physical characteristics of a common type of daemon.
Illusion of Normality – “The mutant appears to be a completely ordinary member of its race, its true nature revealed only in hand to hand combat.”
You can almost hear the Chaos Powers laughing!  What’s your favorite?

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