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End Times II: Secret GW Messages on The Gardener & The Mark of Sigmar

Oct 24 2014

Just as we saw from End Times I, Games Workshop is dropping hints in “invisible ink” of the events of Book II:

These messages were embedded in the GW website over the last 4 days:

Across the Sea of Claws they will come, aboard rotten ships on foetid tides.

Three there will be: three armies, three lords, three brothers. Three cities will fall, three heroes will die.

Beneath the greatest city of men the Gardener sows the seeds of despair.

The twin-tailed comet blazes in the sky. A sign of hope, or a portent of despair, the augurs cannot say.

With End Times I, GW left 4 messages during the leadup week to the book release.  Those messages were the foreword of the book at the very beginning.  It would appear the pattern continues, and we should expect 2 more of these this week.

~ It’s not too hard to see the tie-ins between these messages and GutRot Spume, the three Nurgle Maggoth riders, and I’m betting “The Gardener” is the Great Horned Rat.  How about you?


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