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Goatboy’s 40K: The Highlander List + The Spawn of Goat has Arrived!

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Oct 19 2014

Goatboy here again and on Oct 14th, 2014 at 6:09pm the world trembled as the Goatboy has become “The Goatfather”.  Look upon the Kid of the Apocalypse and tremble!

So obviously I haven’t been thinking too much about 40k.  Ok I kid, you all know me…  I have been thinking about 40k during the sleepless nights!

In this era of 40K wackiness and more codices and expansions than you can keep track of, several tourney players have an idea to make 7th more fun and varied game – THE HIGHLANDER!

What is “The Highlander”?
The original Highlander concept I have talked about before and other players have done as a sort of bet between their team mates.  Whoever does the best with a Highlander type of list wins the “event” amongst their friends.

“The concept was that every option in the codex is an 0-1 option except for troops who you could only duplicate the choice if you fulfilled all the troop options for the book.”

So if you played Marines you had to Take a Scout Unit, Tactical Squad, and a troop bike squad to make sure you can continue taking another Scout/Tact/Bike unit.  Any option that allows you to take multiples in one choice – i.e. the Spirit Seers in the Inyanden book – is not allowed as you can only take 0-1 Spirt Seer etc.

This is a pretty simple set up and allows those other armies that have very little troop choices still compete and can create a Battle Forge army.

“The other big rule was to remove any option to allow Battle Brothers so you can limit some of the Imperial DeathStar combos out there (Centurions+etc).”

After this I would probably look at some kind of limitation on Lords of War as well in order to eliminate some of the crazy D Weapon template options you can throw out there.

The biggest push back is that some of the newer armies kind of need their Battle Brother to work as well.  Plus some of the better armies can just not care.  Daemon summoning would need to be reworked and can only allow a duplicate once you have summoned/fulfilled the initial troop selection first (Bloodletters, Daemonettes, Nurglings, Pink Horrors, Plague Bearers).  These thoughts are for whenever some of the TO’s actual decide to try and run this type of format.


The Highlander Summary
1. All non troop units are 0-1 – including any kind of troop transport.
2. Troops can be duplicated if all the initial troop selections have been chosen.  Dedicated Transports are not considered a troop option so are still limited to 0-1.
3. Lords of War with D Weapon Templates options are not allowed.
4. FW is limited to 0-1 for the army. (This one could be looked at – just a way to allow for less shenanigans with the plethora or rules out there).

Would the Game Be Better?
This is just a basic idea and maybe it would work to enrich the format.  It isn’t supposed to be the best – just a different flavor.  Do you think this would work?  Would this be a fun format?  Would you try it out and become the final one with a mullet, lightning, and maybe become an alien?  Would older armies get a chance?  Would the format actually be rewarding?  Do the TO’s have to give out a giant sword to the winner?  Does this shirt make me look fat?

Post some lists if you think this might be interesting. 

Editor’s note – everyone give it up for BoLS’ newest daddy!  

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