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Guess Who’s Next for 40K?

Oct 4 2014

The whispers are speaking of the next 40K faction headed your way this year.  Here’s the latest:

Sources tell BoLS to look for the following on the heels of Dark Eldar:

-Warhammer Fantasy End Times Volume 2 (3 week slot)

-Necrons (Week of Halloween – 1 week release)

-Warhammer Fantasy End Times Volume 2 (2 week slot)

So GW is splitting that large 5 week chaos relase window into two with the Necrons squeezed in there.

I don’t know what to expect from a one week release window for a 40K codex, but the last time we saw that was the Grey Knight release.

NOTE: These rumors are rated Above Average, coming from well established sources.

~Have at it. 


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