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Hordes: New Legion Releases Unboxed

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Oct 1 2014

There were some cool new releases for Legion in September. Lets check them out.

First up it’s a new plastic Nephilim Protector. In this new material this guy will run you $18.99 – two bucks cheaper than the old metal version.

I’m pretty sure no changes have been made to the sculpt.

It’s my understanding that bits like this are one of the reasons Privateer Press sticks with PVC. You can’t cast all those individual spikes in polystyrene. The steel molds are too rigid. This head would have to be cast in a lot of different pieces to get the same result.

It’s the same with the shoulderpads.

And as you can see, they’ve still managed to get some good detail on all the filigree parts.

Here are some other assorted bits. The strips of cloth on the leg seem to have turned out quite nice.

Now this is the really exciting release for the month. A new Epic; and she’s a mean one.


Like most of the recent metal models from Privateer, she is of amazing quality.

A face only papa Everblight could love.

The wing membranes are nice and smooth, but the detail is crisp and sharp on the claws and everywhere else it needs to be. Digital sculpting is really creating some amazing models.

Here’s a leg and the tail.

And I’ll finish it up with a bunch of other bits.

~Are you Legion players excited to get your hands on Epic Abby?


Ben Williams
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